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    Distinct, memorable wines and the special memories they bring

    As your wine merchants, we at Gibb's taste thousands of wines to determine their quality and acceptability. It is a mundane, analytical process. The merits of some wines are then duly noted as meeting our standards. Under these particular circumstances, unfortunately, these wines do not reach the level of becoming distinctly memorable wines. Distinctly memorable wines are those personal, special favorites that we all seek. These are wines that stimulate our souls and caress our being. The secret of these 'favorites' is not complicated. It is simply this; we do not experience wines in a vacuum. There are always companions, occasions, or memories associated with our tasting of wines. (Most of the 'taste' of a wine is actually provided through our sense of smell. Science has established that the sense of smell is the one most strongly associated with memory). Our 'favorite' wines are those that subtly and wondrously recapture those special moments for us.

     A California jug wine may take us back to our first taste of wine at a family picnic. We are transported to a time when Grandparents and other beloved relatives were vigorous healthy confidants, and our summer days were long, joyful and uncomplicated.

     Serenity is likely to overcome us with some wines sampled during quiet reflections of Nature: a Riesling with a glorious summer sunset; a Porto with the cold still beauty of stars and moon illuminating a snow covered yard.

     That favorite Champagne could help us relive that moment of triumph and gratification over finally getting that promotion so very, very well deserved.

     A certain Bordeaux might evoke that unique moment when eyes mystically met and you both knew that the relationship was deeply romantic and genuine.

     A Chardonnay may prompt us to recollect age 21 and that awkward and invigorating first legal drink with our parents. We knew we would always remain their child but somehow things were forever changed.

     We treasure our 'favorite' wines because we treasure these special moments. As your wine merchants, we are aware that only you can create these memories. We merely provide a vehicle that solidifies and enhances them. Your memories are both personal and precious. We see our obligation as providing a means that never detracts from but only enriches these experiences. We take this obligation very seriously, because we truly appreciate the support you have all shown us over the years.

To each of you: Enjoy Life! Drink Wine! Embellish a memory!     




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